Countdown to christmas

Countdown to Christmas – Happy new normal!

Good news for you all!

Christmas is NOT canceled. But, like everything else this year, it will be different.

Firstly, A Merry Christmas to you all!

Christmas will look a little different this year, just like everything else during the Covid-19 epidemic. For many families, Thanksgiving was a smaller event than usual, with families staying at home to avoid spreading the virus. Even Black Friday is canceled by some brands to avoid gathering and spreading the virus.

Moreover, for Christmas we all should take similar precautions during the Christmas season, asking people to try and modify traditional activities to avoid large gatherings to keep themselves and others safe.

Outdoors is safe but not that safe, it’s less risky because people are now taking precautions and starting to wear face masks and using sanitizers.

As the show must go on, like Christmas will go on. You just have to avoid large gatherings, keep a distance of 6 feet from the outsiders. Do house parties with limited people and with all safety measures. Even watching movies and having dinner parties with peers is another new way of celebrating.

Stay safe this Christmas.

Stay safe this Christmas.

Avoid big holiday parties

Just celebrating your Christmas with members of your own household poses the lowest risk, while in-person gatherings that bring together family members or friends from different households can be riskier. Christmas is the time where people come from different countries to celebrate. And that can spread more viruses.

Well, Coronavirus can’t stop us from celebrating Christmas, nor any other virus can. So let’s just avoid all the problems this year we’ve had all let’s just eat pudding and sing-

Dashing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

Over the fields, we go

Laughing all the way

Bells on bobtail ring

Making spirits bright

What fun it is to laugh and sing

A sleighing song tonight!

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh! what fun it is to ride.


With any luck, it’ll be soon the good old days where no Coronavirus exists. But in the meantime, just celebrate it with singing jingles.


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