For many of us, life’s point is never in question. It never becomes a topic of discussion or debate. And Life is simply lived until it is not. 

Don’t you think?

But something bothered me: if life’s worth is so transparent, why is the sign put up in the first place? It is because there are those of us who occasionally find themselves on the top of the bridge, observing a rapid and perishable trip to the bottom. 

Many of us think that self-murder should not be regarded as illegal or immoral since it hurt no one other than the perpetrator, and in many cases might alleviate great suffering. And the other hand, it hurts much more to the people who are related or connected to us. It creates a whole gap between their lives.

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Even romanticism, which arose in the subsequent generation of thinkers, only deepened the sense that life – and death – should be determined freely, by passionate individuals. If you wanted to exit life abruptly, by one final choice, that is largely up to you. 

More likely, the Romantics occasionally regarded suicide as a way of taking hold of life, controlling its machinations by bringing them to an end. We are all slipping toward the grave, uncontrollably. Maybe it is better to choose to fall off.

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So the question remains the same!!

Why do you think life is worth living?

Before you continue reading ahead, spend a few minutes thinking about this question. Every individual needs this answer. 

Don’t you?

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Now you have been thinking of family, friends, even some of your hobbies that make life worth living. I agree, they certainly bring excitement and happiness to your life. Some reasons, such as family and friends, help us focus on and the other, which frees us from the never-ending desire to please ourselves. There is a liberation there that brings new purpose to life or to live it.

But, what if we took all of that away? What if we took away family, friends, and grandkids? What if we took away sports, food, and any pet of yours? Would life be worth living then?

This is more than just a speculative scenario.

The loss of everything actually happens to people. It happens to drug addicts strung out and living on the street; to migrant children separated from their parents; to innocent people languishing on death row. It happened to Job. Some people are almost entirely deprived of beautiful things, loving people, and endless possibilities. That is why, in the final analysis, the reasons I’ve listed so far are good, but not good enough. We must have a better reason for why life is worth living –and I think that reason is Paradise.

The ultimate answer- Paradise.

Paradise (Heaven) is the basis for life and the cause for your existence – it is the reason for everything! You know God loves you and desperately desires a perfect relationship with you. That’s what Paradise is.

Naturally, the only way to get there is to go through life first. And that’s not always painless. Life is hard and filled with demands, pain, injustice, sickness, and sadness. Sometimes life doesn’t seem worth it at all. But, what if we looked at life a little vise versa? Or can I say differently? What if we looked at life from God’s frame of mind?

The thing about pain is that it can trick us into thinking that pain is all there is. But God sees the entire course of life and the after-life. His standpoint, this life, and all its pain is a blink, a touch of a moment, compared to the eternal joy and love that awaits us.

God brings us the hard times to make us handle the good times. For this slight momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.

And Eternal glory beyond all comparison. That’s reason enough for a million mornings!!

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