Pragmatism could save lives

Pragmatism could have saved lives.

In the previous blog, we read about how life is worth living and how Pragmatism could have an impact on this. 

What does Pragmatism mean?

Pragmatism is a way of dealing with problems or situations that focuses on practical approaches and solutions—ones that will work in practice, as opposed to being ideal in theory.

The word pragmatism often disagrees with the word idealism, which means based on or having high ideals or principles. On the other hand, is based on real-world conditions or circumstances—considering what can realistically be done as opposed to the best theoretical course of action.

More specifically, it’s just used to refer to a practical, logical, or sensible way of doing things. And that’s how it saves people’s lives.  Moreover, Pragmatism is a way by which people are willing to see things as they really are and deal with them more sensibly. If somebody understands the practical approach of living life, they will work with a no-nonsense approach.

The adjective forms ‘pragmatic’ means practically, especially when making decisions and getting their solutions. The word ‘pragmatist’ can refer to a person who prefers to act pragmatically, or to a philosopher who holds on to the movement of pragmatism.



Where does pragmatism come from?

The first documentation of the word pragmatism comes from the 1800s. It eventually acquired from the Greek pragmatikós, meaning “act,” from prā́ssein, sense “practical,” from pragma, “to do.” The words practical and praxis derive from the same root.

People considered idealistic mostly try to achieve the best-case scenario—the one based on their ideals. Such idealists are sometimes told they should try pragmatism, meaning they should focus on realistic suggestions or courses of action. Needless to say, many people navigate life with a balance of pragmatism and idealism: sometimes they accommodate, and sometimes they stick to their principles no matter what.

Pragmatism isn’t always contrasted with idealism. It can refer to the philosophical movement or approach that emphasizes, practical consequences in fixing a matter of fact, truth or happiness, or value. It is concerned with a practical approach, with making decisions and actions that are useful in practice, not just theory. And it is beneficial or advantageous in given circumstances.


Life is art paint your dreams.

Life is an art to paint your dreams.

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